Coronavirus delays a wedding - but not the celebrations

A haredi bride tested positive for coronavirus, forcing her wedding to be delayed. Here's what happened next.

Michal Levi ,

Making the bride happy
Making the bride happy
Shimi Braverman

A haredi bride was informed last week, just a few days before her wedding, that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

Due to the fact that her mother had also tested positive and her father was at a high risk of complications, the bride and her mother were evacuated to the Crown Plaza hotel in Jerusalem, and the wedding was delayed by two weeks.

The incident reached the ears of Kol Chai Radio's Menachem Tucker, who decided to surprise the bride by organizing a keyboard and singer outside the hotel to bring a smile to her face.

"They told her that she had tested positive only at the end of last week, at the last minute before the wedding, and she took it really hard," the bride's mother said. "Her father is at high risk and so she decided to evacuate to the Crown Plaza hotel, so that he would not get sick, G-d forbid."

During the conversation, Tucker brought in singer Meir Green and keyboardist Itzik Weingarten, who agreed to come and try to uplift the bride's spirits.