Coronavirus Czar Prof. Gamzu writes letters in Torah scroll

Head of national fight against the coronavirus writes phrase 'and you shall guard yourselves very carefully' in Torah scroll.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gamzu writes in Torah
Gamzu writes in Torah
צילום: יח"צ

Israel's Coronavirus Czar, Prof. Roni Gamzu, wrote several letters in a Torah scroll as part of 'The Torah of the People of Israel' project which was initiated by Rabbi David Avraham Pressman.

Prof. Gamzu wrote the phrase "and you shall guard yourselves very carefully" in light of his role in ensuring that the public follows the public guidelines in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Professor Gamzu said "in the merit of the writing of these letters, with G-d's help, all the people of Israel should have the privilege of keeping the commandment "and you shall guard yourselves very carefully," and by that will come the blessing "and I will remove the sickness from among you.""

Rabbi Pressman told Gamzo: "The mutual guarantee we have for keeping our distance in order to maintain our second health, reminds us of the Torah that all the letters in the book must be complete and distinct from each other, in order for the book to be kosher."

To date, more than 150,000 Jews have taken part in 'The Torah of the People of Israel' project. Among them are rabbis, the prime minister, ministers, MKs, public figures, judges, actors, singers, IDF soldiers, prisoners, children and youth.