Likud official:
'Gabi Ashkenazi's Blue and White dragging Israel to elections'

Budget negotiations between Likud, Blue and White at impasse less than 9 hours before deadline with fate of the government at stake.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

end of the partnership? Netanyahu and Gantz
end of the partnership? Netanyahu and Gantz
Mark Yisrael Salem

Less than nine hours before the deadline by which the dissolution of the Knesset can be prevented due to the non-approval of the 2020 budget, no final agreements have yet been reached between the Likud and Blue and White parties.

Despite both parties' declaration last night that they would accept the compromise of Derech Eretz MK Zvi Hauser, no final agreement has yet been reached and both sides believe that the possibility of dissolving the Knesset still exists.

At the center of the controversy is the wording of the government decision that will be made today, and the question of whether the agreement will include the freezing the appointments of senior officials in the public service.

A senior Likud official said following the difficulties in the negotiations between the parties, "Blue and White are fleeing from the Hauser compromise they themselves agreed to and are dragging the country to the polls with false claims and last-minute difficulties."

He said: "Although Prime Minister Netanyahu has already announced that he will not interfere in the appointment of senior members of the judiciary, Blue and White refuses to establish a parity committee for the appointment of senior officials as stipulated in the Hauser compromise and as agreed in the coalition agreement."

"Blue and White are also trying to define the budget as biennial, although in the Hauser compromise the budget is not defined as such. Blue and White requires that they have approval of government regulations - which also does not appear in the agreed Hauser compromise. While Ganz's Blue and White agreed to a compromise, Gabi Ashkenazi's Blue and White is dragging the country to elections," he added.

In Blue and White, on the other hand, they claimed that the Likud was trying to freeze the senior appointments in the government from this morning in a last-minute demand. According to the sources, no negotiations are taking place on any other issue other than the Likud's new demand.

Last night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened a press conference in which he announced:

“I have decided this evening to accept the compromise deal proposed by MK Hauser. This proposal would enable funds to be sent immediately to citizens and the Israeli economy. It will prevent the need for new elections. This is the time for unity, not elections.”

"I understood that Benny Gantz accepted the Hauser compromise. Now I hear no. What has changed? Someone from Blue and White objected? If we work together, the plans and agreements will be fulfilled, it depends on them," Netanyahu added.