Weekly Torah Study: Be wholehearted with Hashem, your G-d

All the details involved in building a Torah-true society are founded on one principle.

Rav Gedalia Meyer ,

Rabbi Gedalia Meyer
Rabbi Gedalia Meyer
Reuven at Temple Inst

The choices, the decisions, the responsibilities that lay before Israel are enormous.

From appointing judges and officers, making certain they are honest and just, to opting for a king and making certain he is not above the law, to pursuing (and protecting) an accidental murderer, from confirming a true prophet to rooting out sundry forms of witchcraft, the list of concerns that await Israel when the nation settles the land, is no less than mind-boggling.

In the midst of this vast to-do list for Israel lies a piece of Torah-spun advice: "Be wholehearted with Hashem, your G-d." (Deut. 18:13)