Sudanese official does not regret comments on Israel

Former spokesman of Sudan's foreign ministry says he does not regret his comments on contacts between his country and Israel.

Ben Ariel ,

Flag of Sudan
Flag of Sudan

The spokesman of Sudan's foreign ministry, who was dismissed after making unauthorized comments indicating contact had been made with Israel regarding normalizing ties, said on Thursday he does not regret his comments.

"I'm not sorry at all," the spokesman, Haider Badawi Sadig, told Kan 11 News in an interview, adding that he is a big supporter of peace with Israel and that it is in Sudan's interest.

“There should be an open dialogue on this issue. We have to be as brave as [the head of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council] Burhan, who met with Netanyahu, and as the leadership in the Emirates."

The former spokesman also said that he wants to visit Israel.

Sadig earlier this week praised the United Arab Emirates' decision to normalize relations with Israel as "a brave and bold step" and added, "I cannot deny that there are contacts between Sudan and Israel.”

Sudan’s Foreign Ministry later said it was “astonished” by the spokesman’s remarks and added he “was not assigned to make any statements in this regard”.

Israel and Sudan have had no formal ties in the past. In 2016, the country’s then-Foreign Minister hinted that his country could consider normalizing ties with Israel, but the government was then quick to that his comments were “taken out of context”.