Hundreds demonstrate in support of Netanyahu

Left-wing activists temporarily evacuated from area in front of PM's residence to make room for right-wing demonstration.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

pro-Netanyahu demonstration
pro-Netanyahu demonstration
Hezki Baruch

Hundreds of people came out Thursday night for a demonstration in support of Prime Minister Netanyahu in front of his residence in Jerusalem.

The right-wing protesters held signs which read "You are never alone," "The Dreyfus trial," and "Mandelgate" in protest against the charges against Netanyahu.

MK May Golan, the only Likud MK who attended the demonstration, said on stage: An extreme and dictatorial left-wing minority cannot decide and outline the policy. We do not want to go to elections, but if we have to go to the polls, we will go and win."

Earlier, left-wing activists were evacuated from their permanent encampment on Balfour st. to make way for the right-wing demonstration. The left-wing activists will return after the right-wing demonstrators leave later tonight.