Greenblatt: Sovereignty is not a question of if, but of when

Trump's former envoy: Agreement with the UAE was a right move by Netanyahu, there is hope for progress with other Arab neighbors as well.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt

Former US President Donald Trump's envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, is convinced that the application of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria has not been completely taken off the table and is expected to occur sooner or later.

Speaking to the Israel Hayom newspaper, Greenblatt said, "I do not believe that sovereignty is 'off the table' permanently, and I certainly hope it is not. I think the parties had a reason to choose the word 'suspend.'"

"At the same time, I think that Prime Minister Netanyahu made the right decision, which is to seek the historic peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates, and to work on the issue of Judea and Samaria in the right context at a later date."

"The approach taken by the Prime Minister, working closely with President Trump and the White House - in my opinion, the most supportive White House for Israel ever - allows Israel to move systematically with the United Arab Emirates, and hopefully with other Arab neighbors, without giving up on what I see as Israel’s just claims."

Greenblatt was asked if there was a chance that the sovereignty move would be carried out, and replied, "I certainly hope so. I hope it is not a question of if, but when."

Trump's former envoy hinted that right-wingers in Israel who have previously opposed the sovereignty plan should reconsider their position. "I think those who opposed what happened should reconsider their approach. It is difficult at the moment to determine what needs to be done to implement sovereignty."

"I think Israelis should give Prime Minister Netanyahu the freedom of action he needs in order to do what is best for the State of Israel on a comprehensive basis. In my opinion, the issue of sovereignty is indeed very important, but it is not the only issue that must be taken into account."