Likud: Blue and White is again fighting the government

Likud attacks as vote on bill to postpone budget deadline canceled. If no budget passage or extension by Monday - elections will be called.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Meeting in Finance Committee
Meeting in Finance Committee
Adina Walman

The Likud party issued a sharp condemnation of the Blue and White party, accusing it of delaying the passage of legislation designed to postpone the final date by which the state budget must be passed.

The Finance Committee on Wednesday canceled the planned vote after the Likud and Blue and White factions failed to reach an agreement on the bill to delay the budget, with the Likud calling for emergency spending to prevent a financial collapse in the National Religious school system, along with greater flexibility in the budget.

Blue and White rejected the demands, calling for the bill pushing off the budget deadline to be passed immediately, without modification.

If no budget is passed and the budget deadline not extend by next Monday night, the Knesset will be automatically dissolved and snap elections called. It will be the fourth time in less than two years that Israelis have gone to the polls.

"The Blue and White party is again fighting the government while the Prime Minister is busy fighting the coronavirus," a Likud party spokesman stated. "Today, at a meeting of the Finance Committee, they blocked essential funding needed by institutions in order to commence the new academic year, including programs for at-risk youth and communities on the periphery. The Blue and White party needs to stop preventing the Prime Minister from passing a budget and needs to allow the new academic year to start on time."

Blue and White responded, "The moment of truth is getting closer and the shticks and tricks are working overtime."

"Likud is breaking its pledge to unity and stability and constantly looking for new excuses to call elections.

"Anyone concerned with the good of the country will move to pass a responsible budget rather than funnel politicized money as a self-serving means to position themselves well ahead of elections.
Blue and White is acting and will continue to act out of one motive: to prevent elections on behalf of a million unemployed Israelis and on behalf of this nation, just as it pledged."