MK Matan Kahane: 'I'd recommend Bennett to be prime minister'

MK Kahane announces 'next person I'd recommend to be prime minister is Naftali Bennett,' stressing this is not official Yamina position.

Yonatan Gottleib ,

MK Matan Kahane
MK Matan Kahane
Knesset Channel

Yamina MK Matan Kahane today said the next person he intends to recommend to be prime minister is the Chairman of his party, MK Naftali Bennett.

In an interview with Avi Blum and Moshe Glasner on the Knesset channel, MK Kahana said: "As much as it depends on me, the next person I would recommend to be prime minister is Naftali Bennett."

He said the words after being asked whether, even after everything he says against Prime Minister Netanyahu, in the moment of truth he will recommend him to the president to form a government in Israel.

MK Kahane said the next candidate he would recommend to be prime minister would be MK Bennett and added: "This is my decision."

However he said this was not an official position of his party. "We haven't officially heard from anyone that this is the Yamina position," he said.

"I'll do everything I can so that Naftali Bennett will be the next prime minister, because in my opinion he's the person who deserves it and is the right choice to lead Israel in a time of crisis," Kahane said.