Fast, accurate, lethal:
IDF establishes new land maneuvering division

IDF Multidimensional Division 99 to specialize in fortified and complex areas, will include Refaim unit and infantry, commando, armor forces

Kobi Finkler ,

Refaim training
Refaim training
IDF Spokesman

The IDF is preparing for the next war and perfecting its maneuver capabilities against an enemy that will be equipped with advanced weapons deployed over large areas.

As part of Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi's multi-year Tnufa plan, it was decided to establish another multi-scene attack division, Division 99, that will specialize in fighting in fortified, closed, and complex areas with a large number of infantry-fire forces, combining commando and armored forces.

The division will include the Refaim multidimensional unit, which will fight in the battlefields and in any terrain route according to its changing characteristics and challenges, while serving as a multi-armed maneuvering force. In recent weeks, a significant test of the unit has been successfully completed, which is an important step in making the unit operational.

In addition, it was decided to establish a school and headquarters division for multidimensional attack: The attack division will combine all the knowledge and information about the attack. In addition, uniform training will be provided to combatants engaged in the field of attack from all bodies, which will allow a uniform language and thus multidimensional, multi-armed maneuvering capabilities and the development of multi-branch knowledge.

Technological leap

The new land command and control system, ZID 750, enables connectivity and networks with high-fire capabilities, intelligence extraction, production of targets, and command and control processes. The system connects the forces and capabilities on the battlefield and allows to respond quickly and accurately, and it improves the arrival of operational knowledge in real time.

Another system established in the IDF, the "smart trigger", connects means of collection and attack on the battlefield and enables closing fire circles quickly, accurately, effectively, and safely.