Rivlin praises Netanyahu for 'historic' UAE deal

President, Prime Minister of Israel meet at President's Residence to discuss normalization of relations with the UAE.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rivlin meets Netanyahu
Rivlin meets Netanyahu

President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Monday afternoon at the President's Residence in Jerusalem.

At the beginning of their meeting, the president congratulated the prime minister on establishing normalizedrelations with the United Arab Emirates, saying “I would like to congratulate you, President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed on a great achievement that could bring extremely important change in the history of the Middle East and in the history of the Israeli people and the Jewish people,” Rivlin said.

The prime minister thanked the president, saying “I greatly appreciate your support. This is an historic agreement that will benefit not only Israelis and the UAE. I think it brings closer Arab-Israeli peace that will, in the end, advance peace in general. But this is certainly a significant and important turning-point."

"Here are two countries, amongst the most advanced in the world, and the cooperation between us will produce technological and economic possibilities in all fields, including in health and the search for a virus, and many other things. It is great news and I thank you very much for your support. It is important and I think it reflects what every Israeli feels, and so it should,” Netanyahu added.