'We will not condone terrorism from Gaza'

Public Security Minister visits Sderot: In the coming days we will know whether we are facing a broader escalation or a hiatus.

Hezki Baruch ,

Site where rocket exploded in Sderot
Site where rocket exploded in Sderot
Israel Police spokesperson

Public Security Minister Amir Ohana on Sunday held a situation assessment in Givat Kobi in Sderot, in light of the increase in incendiary balloon attacks and the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Ohana said that “the IDF responded strongly from the air and by land to the arson terrorism. Hamas' valuable assets were damaged in the area of ​​underground, naval warfare and general intensification. These are responses that make it clear to Hamas that we will not condone the export of terrorism from Gaza into our territory, neither in the form of missiles, nor in the form of balloons, nor in any other form."

The minister added that "in the coming days we will know whether we are facing a broader escalation or a hiatus, in light of an Egyptian delegation's expected entry into Gaza.”

"We hope that in the spirit of these times, in light of the historic peace agreement with another Arab country - the United Arab Emirates to whom we send a blessing of peace from here, and possibly those who will come later, we can see the end of the fighting here as well."

The residents of Sderot and the Gaza envelope are entitled to security like any other citizen in Israel, continued Ohana. "The IDF, the Israel Police and the fire and rescue services will continue to work to provide it to our citizens, together with the local authorities - and I want to thank them for that on behalf of the citizens of Israel."