Moving conversation with the Jews of Abu Dhabi

Diaspora Affairs Minister holds conversation with leader of UAE Jewish community after the nation signs a peace deal with Israel.

Omer Yankelevich ,

Omer Yankelevich
Omer Yankelevich

A few months ago I saw an exciting article about the Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Jewish school and the synagogue that is under construction there, and thought about how to connect the school and the community there to the Jewish education and identity activities of the Diaspora Ministry.

Just a few months ago that would have seemed to be very far off. But tonight I have already had a moving conversation with Solly Wolf, the President of the Jewish community of the UAE. After the blessings and well-wishes, we agreed on the beginning of professional cooperation between the Diaspora Ministry and the community.

The political agreement not only improves Israel's status, but also the situation of the Jewish community there, and our ability in the Diaspora Ministry to include it in the map of our global activities.

Congratulations to all partners, both overt and covert, who were involved in reaching this agreement. 'He who makes peace in the heavens, may he make peace for us and for all of Israel, and let us say, amen.'