'Netanyahu is selling out Judea and Samaria for nothing'

Samaria Regional Council chairman calls on prime minister to announce that he has not given up on sovereignty in exchange for UAE deal.

Yossi Dagan ,

Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan
צילום: שריה דיאמנט

If Binyamin Netanyahu sells sovereignty in exchange for a piece of paper from a country that has never threatened Israel - this is not the deal of the century, this is the deception of the century.

If Netanyahu tries to sell air to the public, he will get air back from the public. The prime minister has been elected three times in the past year on the basis of a platform of implementing sovereignty. This is the only argument he had in the face of the left's arguments that he is unfit to lead because of his legal situation.

If Netanyahu sells Judea and Samaria in exchange for air, he is cutting off the political branch on which he sits and the continuation of his rule.

I call on the Prime Minister and I beg him to make it clear with his voice that this is not true, that this is a spin and he is not giving up sovereignty, because the public in the State of Israel elected him for it.

There is a limit to cynicism. With all due respect to Jared Kushner's intrigues in Washington, our prime minister is Netanyahu. I call on Netanyahu to make it clear that this is not true.

There is nothing that threatens the rule of the prime minister more than turning sovereignty into a scam of the century.

Yossi Dagan is the chairman of the Samaria Regional Council.