PLO official thanks left-wing Israeli NGO

Attorney for PLO Prisoners' Authority thanks HaMoked for getting Israeli Supreme Court to stop demolition of terrorist's home/

Yehonatan Gottleib ,

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After the left-wing HaMoked organization managed to prevent the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered IDF Sgt. Amit Ben Yigal, appreciation for the organization has poured in from the Arab world.

Attorney Khaled Mahagna, who represents the Prisoners' Authority, a body belonging to the PLO, congratulated the left-wing organization on its success in getting the Israeli Supreme Court to revoke the demolition order.

"Indescribable joy," Mahagna wrote on his Facebook account. "The Supreme Court in a courageous decision decided to cancel the demolition of the house of detainee Nazmi Abu Bakr, who is accused of throwing stones at an Israeli soldier and killing him."

He added, "Congratulations to my friend Attorney Nadia Daqqa from the HaMoked Center, for her tremendous work in overturning the decision."

The warm compliments from Attorney Mahagna to his "friend" in the left-wing organization have raised suspicions among right-wing elements that there is cooperation between the Prisoners' Authority and HaMoked, but the latter vehemently denied any such cooperation.

A spokesman for HaMoked responded to Arutz Sheva's query on whether there is cooperation between them and the Prisoners' Authority and said, "Absolutely not."

However, in a Facebook page set up for the terrorist who murdered Amit Ben Yigal, they welcomed the court's decision and thanked both HaMoked for the Protection of the Individual and the Prisoner Affairs Authority. "All thanks to the HaMoked Center and especially to Adv. Nadia Daqqa for her hard work in reversing the decision, as well as to the team of lawyers of the Committee on Prisoners' Affairs and especially to Khaled Mahagna."

Tom Nissani, National Activist Coordinator of the Im Tirzu movement, commented: "We are all angry at the horrific ruling that overturned the demolition of a despicable terrorist's house. While we are angry, we must remember that there are those who celebrate and are happy about the achievement. For example, the legal aid organization for terrorists and their families, HaMoked, operates under the auspices of foreign governments and the New Israel Fund. Moreover, even official bodies of the Palestinian Authority see HaMoked as a real branch that serves them. In order to defeat terrorism, the vicious circle must be broken in which there are those who benefit from terrorism."