IDF lowers alert level in north

After three weeks of high alert on northern border IDF decides to dilute forces and remove some traffic restrictions.

Mordechai Sones ,

Northern border readiness
Northern border readiness
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The IDF Spokesman tonight said that in accordance with current army situation assessments, some traffic restrictions for military vehicles have been removed and some roadblocks at the northern border area have been opened.

There has also been a reduction reinforcement deployment in the border area.

The IDF emphasizes that civilian vehicle movement is free as has been until now, and there is no restriction on civilian areas.

IDF force presence in the military and civilian theaters continues in accordance with daily-updated situation assessments.

Accordingly, for the time being a number of roads will remain blocked to movement of military vehicles.

"IDF forces in the northern region continue to maintain increased readiness for a variety of scenarios and are prepared to protect the residents of the north and to take action as needed," the army said.

The high alert is being maintained for fear that Hezbollah will respond to the assassination of one of its operatives in Syria a few weeks ago.

The Islamic organization has already sent two squads that tried to infiltrate into Israel and failed. Since the bombing at the port of Beirut, a number of situation assessments have been conducted in the army aimed at assessing whether, in light of developments, Hezbollah is still determined to carry out a revenge attack.

On Friday, the IDF Chief of Staff decided to maintain its high level of alertness and today it was decided to reduce it slightly.