Poll: 43% of haredim learned online during coronavirus shutdown

New poll shows uptick in haredi population's use of internet, with more haredim working online from home than other sectors.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haredi using a computer (illustrative)
Haredi using a computer (illustrative)
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A new poll by the Israel Internet Association showed a dramatic change in internet use habits among the haredi community.

In addition to increased use of the internet and digital services among the general Israeli population, the haredi sector's use of the internet has also increased.

The survey showed a significant increase in digital services, such as online payments and shopping, reduction of time spent waiting in line, use of digital banking, filling out forms online, and more, due to the need to strictly adhere to social distancing requirements, working from home, and the concern of infection in public areas.

These trends, which have increased among the general Israeli population in recent years, have now received a significant boost and the gap between the general population and the haredi and Arab populations has been reduced.

A full 27% of haredi respondents reported working from home online, while just 22% of the general population reported likewise. In addition, 43% of haredi respondents said that they had studied online during the coronavirus shutdown, versus 63% of the general population. In addition, 45% of distance learners said that the experience had been a positive one.

These statistics match the Central Bureau of Statistics' recent report, according to which over half of haredi students who chose to to study in universities chose the Open University, which leads the sector with regards to online courses and offers dozens of online quality tracks for an academic degree.

Dr. Moshik Lavi, Open University's Dean of Students, said: "This current period emphasizes once again the exclusive advantage that the Open University has over other institutes of higher education. The statistics regarding the rise in the use of online means, as well as the integration of distance learning among the haredi public, emphasize the Open University's exclusive advantage in integrating high-level learning with adaptation and preservation of the haredi lifestyle, while providing unique aid to haredi students and accompanying them until the end of their studies."