Tel Aviv to offer 'sail-in' floating cinema on HaYarkon lake

City of Tel Aviv announces launch of Israel's first-ever floating cinema, following up drive-in movie theater with 'sail-in cinema'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Cinema on the HaYarkon Park lake
Cinema on the HaYarkon Park lake
Tel Aviv municipality

Fresh off the successful return of Tel Aviv's legendary drive-in theater, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is launching Israel's first "sail-in" floating cinema at HaYarkon Park's boating lake.

The coronavirus outbreak has proved particularly challenging for the cultural sector worldwide, with outdoor initiatives representing almost the sole solution for cultural events.

Following Health Ministry approval for open-air drive-in events, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality will now launch a "sail-in" floating cinema under the night sky from August 22-28, in partnership with the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

A total of 70 socially distanced boats will be available to moviegoers, adults and children alike, seeking to enjoy a night of cinematic entertainment under the stars.

Boats will be distanced two meters apart at all times opposite a large screen, ensuring a safe and fun experience, and allowing all ticketholders to float away and unwind from the daily grind for at least a few hours.

The event has received Health Ministry approval and will be held in strict accordance with “purple badge” public health standards.

Tickets for eight screenings - four suitable for families and four suitable for adults - will be available exclusively to DigiTel Resident Card holders. Details regarding ticket sales and movie times will be published later this week.

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: "The coronavirus crisis poses new challenges for Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, including bringing cultural life to a halt in the city. During recent months, we have been constantly examining ways of providing assistance. The initiative to screen movies at HaYarkon Park's boating lake is another creative way to spend the hot August days, in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines."

The launch of the "sail-in" floating cinema joins a long list of municipal initiatives launched in recent months to support cultural activity in the city.

Initiatives to date include intimate outdoor performances in restaurants and cafes; online and open-air cultural events in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines; outdoor guided tours across the city; fitness classes on the roof of the municipality building; and musical performances on the roof of the Eretz Israel Museum.