302 units of blood donated to save teenage cancer patient's life

MDA and Moshav Azrikam hold joint blood drive to save 18-year-old leukemia patient's life.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donor gives blood
Donor gives blood

An exceptional event was held this week, at the height of the corona virus in Moshav Azrikam. Residents of the moshav initiated a blood drive in coordination with MDA's Blood Services for Ofri Cohen, a local resident who just before his IDF draft, was told he has leukemia. The residents of Azrikam and the surrounding areas donated over 300 units of blood for Ofri and other patients in need.

Ofri Cohen (18) is a well-known and very active resident of Moshav Azrikam. He smiles, helps others, engages in community activities and is involved in youth movements. He was due to enlist in the IDF, but instead of reporting to the recruitment office in Tel Hashomer, his path was redirected to the building next door for treatment at Tel Hashomer hospital. Cohen was informed that he had leukemia and urgently needed many O + units of blood. On Monday, together with the MDA blood services, the residents of the Azrikam joined forces, this time for him, and hosted a blood drive for the residents, the community and the surrounding area.

The entire Moshav was involved in the mission and took care of publicity, recruiting volunteers and of course conducting it under the Corona guidelines. At the end of the special day, 302 units of blood had been colleceted by MDA's Blood Services phlebotomists and will help Ofri and hundreds of others.

Idan, Ofri's brother, said: "We did not imagine that the project would reach so many and grow to this degree. We thought dozens would come, but in reality eight MDA blood mobiles arrived and hundreds of donors who wanted to donate and help to save my brother's life, it was amazing. Residents came from the Moshav, the area and even from the center of the country and the Sharon. We are very excited and thankful to everyone, we are all speechless. "

Ofri said excitedly: "I could not be at the blood drive and be near people, because my immune system is weak. But we stopped by in the car and I saw hundreds of people who came just for me. I was very excited to see all the people who left everything and came. I am speechless - I want to thank everyone. "

Amichai, Ofri's father, added: "Ofri, who used to volunteer and help others, was supposed to enlist soon, but is now undergoing complex treatments. I want to thank the people of the Moshav and of course Magen David Adom that thanks to them hundreds of blood units were donated so Ofri and other patients can feel better. The project is simply amazing. We are already working together with the community and MDA blood services committee to produce more donation days in the near future."

The Director of MDA's Blood Donation Department, Lior Altman: "As soon as they contacted us at MDA's Blood Services, we joined this important operation. We thank the Cohen family and the residents of Azrikam for the organization and execution and wish Ofri a speedy recovery and complete healing."