Facebook bans users for criticizing Lebanese leadership

Facebook bans users for criticizing Lebanese government over Beirut explosion, and for publicizing the ban.

Mordechai Sones ,


Facebook has once again banned user Damon Rosen, this time for responding to the blast in Lebanon by posting: "Israel had NOTHING to do with the Beirut explosion. Lebanese incompetence, ignorance, and 5,500,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate do."

Facebook censored the post and advised Rosen: "Your comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech and inferiority," providing no evidence to support their claim.

Facebook went on to say, "No one else can see your comment," although the deletion of Rosen's comment with a screenshot of it had already been widely disseminated on Facebook and other social media.

"We have these standards to protect certain groups of people being described as inferior to others," Facebook explained in the conclusion of its notice.

Additionally, Facebook has started penalizing other users publicizing its censorship policies:

Facebook censorship
Mordechai Sones

Rosen had been blocked for thirty days for reporting statements by Louis Farrakhan. He was fully reinstated after a query was submitted to a senior Facebook executive that included coverage by Arutz Sheva. This, after Rosen had an appeal to the suspension rejected by Facebook with the message: "We reviewed your post again and it doesn't follow our Community Standards."

Rosen said he received no notification from Facebook alerting him that his "suspension", that was set to run for another 23 days, had been lifted.