Watch: Forest fire on slopes of Ein Kerem

200 evacuated from 'Swedish Village' compound following raging fire on slopes of Ein Kerem. At this time, no danger to neighborhood houses.

Mordechai Sones ,

Blaze on slopes of Ein Kerem
Blaze on slopes of Ein Kerem
קובי ריכטר/תיעוד מבצעי כב"ה

Twenty-four fire and rescue teams from the Jerusalem, Dan, and Central districts, as well as forces from the special unit of the Israel Fire and Rescue Unit Lehava, are currently battling a forest fire raging on the slopes of Ein Kerem.

Firefighters are battling the flames that are leaping over the treetops quickly with help of winds that have now intensified significantly in the area of ​​the fire.

The firefighters created a line of defense between the fire and the houses of the neighborhood and between nearby educational and medical institutions.

Additional firefighting and rescue teams are continuing a stubborn fight with the blaze around the Swedish Village, to prevent the fire from breaking through the lines of defense and damaging the Swedish Village compound. About 200 people were evacuated from the compound by firefighters, the Israel Police, and Village staff.

At this stage, there is no immediate danger to additional buildings or to houses of the neighborhood.

Jerusalem District Fire and Rescue Commander Tafser Nissim Twito: "We're currently working on a well-developed fire on the slopes of Ein Kerem, a blaze that's moving quickly under the auspices of a strong northwesterly wind. We launched dozens of firefighting and rescue teams and with the help of the Elad Fire Squadron, we're fighting the flames and trying to prevent the fire from breaking through our lines of defense and reaching the neighborhood houses and public buildings.

"I appeal to the public! Take care of civil discipline and don't light fire at all in open areas. These days, even a small spark can turn into a huge fire that can severely damage nature, property, and even, G-d forbid, lives."