TV viewer may have saved anchor's life

Viewer of TV show noticed something particular on host's neck. What she did next may have saved the anchor's life.

Eitan Divinsky ,


A reporter for a Florida-based TV station said her life might have been saved by a "total stranger." Victoria Price was hosting a show when a viewer noticed something familiar – a lump on the side of Price's throat.

According to a BBC News report, the woman had a cancerous tumor removed from her own throat at one point. She emailed the show, alerting Price of the precarious possibility, prompting the TV host to seek treatment.

According to the report, Price had the tumor successfully removed Monday and thanked the vigilant viewer in a special email.

Price said preoccupation with the ongoing coronavirus crisis had prevented her from taking the time to take care of her own heath. "As a journalist, it's been full throttle since the pandemic began. Never-ending shifts in a never-ending news cycle. We were covering the most important health story in a century, but my own health was the farthest thing from my mind," she posted.

Price stated that she would always be grateful to the woman who may have helped save her life and who "had zero obligation to, but…did [it] anyway." "Talk about being on your side, huh?" she added.