'Blue and White is pushing the Likud around time and time again'

MK Matan Kahana attacked the coalition's decision to bury the Override Clause - 'Likud is like a leaf blown in the wind by Blue and White'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Matan Kahana
Matan Kahana
Hezki Baruch

Developments on the Supreme Court override clause: Representatives of the Shas and United Torah Judaism parties decided today (Sunday) not to support the "Override Law" expected to be brought for a vote this week by MK Ayelet Shaked.

MK Matan Kahana (Yamina) spoke with Ben Caspit and former MK Aryeh Eldad on Radio 103FM and expressed his opinion on the matter: "We have repeatedly stated that we want to return the separation of powers to its natural place. Blue and White MKs are crushing the Likud time after time with their relatively few Knesset seats, trampling the haredim along the way."

Kahana continued to criticize the Blue and White party with regards to the bill: "They ignore coalition guidelines whenever they feel like it and the Likud can't do anything about it. What's happening here is just a disgrace to see."

Commenting on the wave of anti-government demonstrations around the country, MK Kahana said, "Some of them really mean it. A million residents are watching their livelihoods go down the drain because of the government's march of errors. The right to demonstrate is an important right in the State of Israel."

The Override Bill, also known as the Override Clause, would enable the Knesset to vote to override decisions by the Supreme Court, allowing the Knesset to restore laws or government decisions thrown out by the Court.