Trump: I don't want to change election date

Trump appears to walk back on idea of delaying 2020 election, but stresses he doesn't want a "crooked election" either.

Ben Ariel ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Thursday appeared to walk back on the idea of delaying the 2020 election, though he continued to raise doubts about efforts to expand mail-in voting in some states to respond to the coronavirus.

"Do I want to see a date change? No," Trump said at the White House, according to USA Today. "But I don't want to see a crooked election."

The President indicated he wasn't advocating for a delay while he simultaneously lamented efforts to expand mail-in voting.

"What will happen in November – it's a mess," Trump said. "I want a result much, much more than you...I don't want to be waiting around for weeks and months."

Trump suggested in a tweet earlier on Thursday that the US should delay its upcoming presidential election this November, warning of mass voter fraud if universal mail-in voting is permitted.

“Mail-In Voting is already proving to be a catastrophic disaster. Even testing areas are way off. The Dems talk of foreign influence in voting, but they know that Mail-In Voting is an easy way for foreign countries to enter the race. Even beyond that, there’s no accurate count!” he wrote.

Trump went on to suggest delaying the election until in-person voting can be carried out safely.

He later clarified his original tweet and wrote, “Must know Election results on the night of the Election, not days, months, or even years later!”