New details of Hezbollah infiltration attempt revealed

Hezbollah squad was observed for half a day before it infiltrated 50 meters into Israel and was repelled by the IDF.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon border
Hadas Parush/Flash90

New details were revealed about the Hezbollah squad that attempted to infiltrated Israel on Tuesday.

According to the report by Channel 13 News, the IDF observed the terrorist squad for half a day along the border. After they had penetrated 50 meters into Israeli territory the IDF opened fire on them.

Snipers, a tank, and aircraft all fired warning shots at the Hezbollah squad. The four terrorists threw down their equipment and fled back across the border, where a vehicle was waiting to drive them further north.

The cell which attempted the infiltration does not belong to Hezbollah's regular forces and has operated along the border without the cover of other forces.

The IDF documented the incident, but has yet to release the photographs to the media.