Leftist protesters storm Ayalon Freeway, blocking traffic

Massive police forces work to disperse protesters and open highway. Reports say detainees taken in clashes between police and protesters.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Leftists storm Ramat Gan
Leftists storm Ramat Gan
The Black Flags

Hundreds of Leftist demonstrators affiliated with the Black Flags movement this evening stormed Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv and from there went down to Ayalon Freeway North and again stormed that thoroughfare.

After a while, the police evacuated the protesters from the road, and all the travel lanes were opened to traffic.

Police declared the demonstration illegal and said "the police effort will continue to allow the right to protest anywhere and at any time, however we will not allow incidents of violence, or gross violation of public order."

At the beginning of the demonstration, the organizers said: "A virus of corruption, tyranny, incitement, and division is spreading in the State of Israel. Instead of listening to citizens in the defendant's corruption government, they prefer to silence any criticism."

"The decision to fire and silence MK Shasha is another step on the road to dictatorship," the Black Flag heads claimed.

According to them, "These are difficult and black days in the pages of the history of the State of Israel, but we are confident that in a determined civil struggle we will be able to defeat the defendant and his minions."