IDF breaks up student meeting with Lehi fighter

Military breaks up conversation between youth and man who fought to found State of Israel over failure to abide by COVID-19 restrictions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

לא הקפידו על הכללים
לא הקפידו על הכללים
צילום: גרעין יהודה, מעלות חלחול

The IDF broke up a meeting between several dozen students and a man who fought in the Lehi organization before the founding of the State of Israel last night.

The students met with Ezra Yachin at Ma'alot Halhul north of Kiryat Arba and asked him about the fight for Jewish independence in the land of Israel, in particular the expulsion of the British forces from the land.

The IDF discovered that the gathering did not adhere to the coronavirus guidelines. More people attended than were allowed and social distance was not maintained. As a result, the military broke up the meeting and dispersed the crowd.

Yehudah Ben-David, one of the Jewish residents who invited the Lehi fighter, claimed that "even before the conversation, the lieutenant colonel wanted to prevent it and only after discussions with the members of the nucleus that lasted about two and a half hours did he allow it to take place."

"Twenty minutes after the beginning of the conversation, the lieutenant colonel appeared with his soldiers claiming that more youths had arrived than had been agreed. In fact, there were no more than twenty youths over what was agreed," he said.

The organization which invited Yachin said in response to the breaking up of the meeting that "It is not possible to justify stopping the conversation because of a small number of teenagers, even though the extra youths could have been sent away. We don't find that at the left-wing demonstrations which have taken place all over the country that they scrutinize every time ten extra people are there, and we note that the youth chose to obey all instructions without violence and without disturbances."