Israeli baby born with rare heart condition needs your help

Three months old and fighting a rare heart condition, young Israeli baby girl continues to fight for her life every single day.

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Baby needs your help
Baby needs your help

Baby Avital was born three months ago with a severe condition that has affected her heart.

The doctors were unaware of the situation and how dangerous it was until she was born.

This condition is known as a reversed artery bypass. It is very severe and has a tremendous impact on her growth and development.

For a regular newborn, each new day is filled with fun and excitement.

For Avital, it is doctors visits and operating tables.

She has been in and out of the hospital since the day she was born and the end is not in site.

Baby Avital needs your help!

Your donation will not only go to helping with her surgeries, recovery and development but also help her family continue to give her the love, care and support she needs every single day.

Donate now, help save baby Avital.

Courtesy of Me'at MinHa'or