Hezbollah called off attack on IDF soldiers at last minute

Israeli security establishment fears Hezbollah still planning attacks on IDF soldiers, merely delayed retribution plan.

David Rosenberg ,

Hezbollah ordnance
Hezbollah ordnance

The Lebanon-based Shi’ite terrorist group Hezbollah recently called off a planned attack on Israeli forces on the Israel-Lebanon border, after the IDF ratcheted up security in the area, according to a report by Walla!News Monday morning.

Israeli security officials believe the Hezbollah recently nixed a planned attack on Israeli security personnel at the last minute, following news reports that the IDF had significantly increased its presence in northern Israel.

But according to the report, IDF officials are concerned that the Iran-backed terrorist group may have simply delayed its planned attack on Israeli troops, rather than cancel it altogether.

The Israeli military is preparing for several possible types of attacks on IDF personnel, including sniper fire, bomb attacks, or even the launching of anti-tank missiles across the border.

Israel has warned the Lebanese government, via intermediaries, that it will not tolerate any attacks on security personnel and that any attack from Lebanese territory will provoke an Israeli response.

Israeli forces in the north have been on high alert since a Hezbollah terrorist, Ali Kamel Mohsen, was killed in an airstrike near Damascus attributed to Israel.

On Sunday, a senior Hezbollah official, Naim Qassem, hinted at a possible attack on Israel in retribution for Mohsen’s death.

“[We] have decided not to announce what we will do in response to the killing of the organization's activist in Damascus, Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad. Let Israel think what it wants. What will come will come," Qassem said. "The policy of deterrence with Israel is still there."

On Saturday, Israel sent a message to the Hezbollah terror group, saying that it did not intend to kill a Hezbollah official in a recent attack on Damascus reported to have been carried out by the IDF, Al Mayadeen TV reported.