Israel's message to Hezbollah: Death of official unintentional, don't retaliate

Israel sends message to Hezbollah: Death of terrorist in alleged attack was not intended.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hezbollah terrorist
Hezbollah terrorist
Ali Hashisho, Reuters

Israel on Saturday sent a message to the Hezbollah terror group, saying that it did not intend to kill a Hezbollah official in a recent attack on Damascus reported to have been carried out by the IDF, Al Mayadeen TV reported.

The message, which was reportedly sent via United Nations mediators, warned Hezbollah against attempting to avenge the death of Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad.

However, the report also said that Hezbollah refused to accept warnings or threats from Israel.

On Friday evening, IDF combat helicopters attacked Syrian army targets, the IDF confirmed. The strike came as a response to earlier fire from Syria towards the Golan Heights.

“The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for the shooting, will continue to act resolutely and will respond forcefully to any violation of Israeli sovereignty,” the statement concluded.

On Monday night, Syria's official Sana news agency reported that Israeli aircraft attempted an airstrike in Damascus, but were thwarted by the country's air defense system. At the time, the Syrian army announced that seven people had been killed in the attack attributed to Israel.