The great 57 million dollar fraud

Who needs enemies with friends like these?

Walter Bingham ,

Holocaust survivor
Holocaust survivor
Flash 90

Have: Today’s politicians learned anything from the past?

Because: Walter’s World brings you controversial views from all facets of Jewish opinion, we ask if Tisha B’Av is an outdated ritual, or a lesson for a better future? Should it be replaced by thoughts about the reality of the present-day world, and how that would contribute to the continuation of Jewish life in today’s environment.

Hear: Walter’s guests today talking about two very controversial subjects.

The $57 million theft: from moneys earmarked for the welfare of Holocaust survivors and other Holocaust Related activities. Hear the inside story of developments to date from this story which occurred 6 years ago.

Also: Some of Walter’s thoughts on topical items and current affairs, as they affect Jews in general and Israel in particular.

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