Likud activist: The rift is big, there's no escaping elections

Veteran Likud activist Arik Ziv does not recommend that Netanyahu go to elections.

Hezki Baruch ,

Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The editor of the Likudnik website, veteran Likud activist Arik Ziv, believes that the party is preparing for elections in light of the many cracks in the coalition with Blue and White.

"In wake of the political chaos, the Likud has begun to prepare for elections. The Knesset members of the Likud are demanding a snapshot of the list, especially the new Knesset members. The demand of the incumbent Knesset members is that there be no primaries for the Knesset list. Maybe the Likud will become like Lapid and Liberman without primaries."

Is this not contrary to the constitution of the Likud movement?

"This decision is in contrast to the decision of the tribunal that approved the list for the previous elections. The tribunal at the time accepted the argument that as long as no government is formed, the situation should remain the same and no primaries held, but it is estimated that there will be no choice but to hold primaries."

How deep is the rift between the Likud and Blue and White?

"The rift is deep and in my opinion, there is no escaping the dissolution of the coalition. Since the formation of the government, [Benny] Gantz and [Avi] Nissenkorn have been embarrassing the Likud. My assessment is that Gantz will not serve as Prime Minister."

There is a dramatic drop for the Likud in the polls. Should Netanyahu go to elections now?

"I am not commenting on the polls. Even when there were 40 seats for the Likud, I believed that we should not go to elections. And even now I would not recommend that Netanyahu go to elections."

Will there be a split within the Likud or perhaps a new party formed to address all those votes that will flee the Likud?

"There is no split in the Likud. There is Binyamin Netanyahu leading and in the Likud you will not see the members of the movement ousting the leader. We are not the Labor party."