President to Gov't:
'Stop discourse on early elections; it's a terrible possibility'

President Reuven Rivlin calls to avoid possibility of elections: 'State of Israel is no rag doll you drag around as you squabble.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Reuven Rivlin
Reuven Rivlin
Flash 90

President Reuven Rivlin addressed government members this morning following talk in the Likud about the possibility of going to elections.

"I'd like to address the government as a whole," Rivlin said. "Like all citizens of this country, I look on the developments in the Knesset with deep concern as they shake the already fragile relations between coalition partners.

"As a citizen and on behalf of us all, I say: get a grip!," the President added.

Addressing the cabinet ministers, Rivlin said, "Stop the talk of early elections, of that terrible option at this time, and save yourselves from it.

"The State of Israel is not a rag doll you drag around as you squabble. The people need you all to be focused, clear and finding solutions to this crisis. It's in your hands."

The Likud continues to threaten elections this morning. Coalition Chairman MK Miki Zohar told Galei Tzahal that the political cooperation between the Likud and Blue and White cannot continue in its current format, "something will have to change, or else the government is likely to collapse."

Minister Zeev Elkin also did not rule out the possibility. "If the conduct will be like yesterday then there'll be no other option. When members of government vote against the government's position it cannot continue."

MK Shlomo Karhi added that "the possibility of dissolving the government is on the table. Going to elections at this time would be a scandal, but if Blue and White want it, we've got no choice."