Hundreds of left-wing protesters march in Jerusalem

Black Flags movement: Netanyahu turning Israel from a democracy into a 'Bibicracy.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

demonstration in jerusalem
demonstration in jerusalem

Hundreds of left-wing demonstrators marched from the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem to the Knesset Tuesday evening.

The demonstrators demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu resign in light of the charges against him and the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Police closed several streets as a result of the march.

The Black Flags movement, which has led frequent protests against Netanyahu recently, released a statement criticizing legislation which would allow the government to pass coronavirus restrictions without the approval of the Knesset. "The 'enabling act' is another stage in the dismantling and deterioration of Israel towards a 'Bibicracy.' The accused Netanyahu should be removed from the prime minister's house - no more powers should be transferred to him."

"The last few weeks have proved to anyone who still had doubts - a criminal defendant who is busy from morning to evening conducting his trial has no time to deal with the epidemic or the economy. Israelis deserve a prime minister who will only deal with the needs of the populace," they added.