Health Ministry:
Number of coronavirus deaths rises to 424

Two die after contracting coronavirus since noon. Since midnight, 1,203 test positive in Israel.

Mordechai Sones ,

COVID-19 tests
COVID-19 tests

The number of Israelis testing coronavirus positive since the outbreak of COVID-19 tonight stands at 53,559, according to Health Ministry data.

Since midnight, 1,203 tested coronavirus positive in Israel, while 360 ​​patients have been defined as having recovered from the virus.

Four have died in Israel after contracting coronavirus since (Monday) midnight, bringing the official death toll from the virus since the outbreak to 424.

To date, 22,642 Israelis are reported as having recovered from coronavirus, while 30,488 Israelis are currently defined as active coronavirus carriers.

Of the active carriers, 673 are hospitalized with 256 in severe condition, 77 of whom are on ventilators and 129 patients in moderate condition.

Yesterday, July 20, 1,854 tested coronavirus positive, after 27,299 test results were obtained.

Earlier it was reported that Professor Gabi Barbash agreed to lead the government campaign against coronavirus after several days of talks.

Barbash, who has formerly served as director of Ichilov Hospital and director-general of the Health Ministry, has risen to fame recently due to his expert commentary on the efforts to combat the coronavirus in Israel.

Barbash is recently best known as the Channel 12 News' Health Commentator.

Barbash previously served as Ichilov Hospital Director and Health Ministry Director, and heads the Weizmann Institute Scientific-Clinical Cooperation Division.

It is not clear what authority Barbash will have in his new position.