Coronavirus in IDF rabbinical course

70 cadets from IDF rabbinical course ordered into isolation after 2 of them test positive for coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF rabbinical course (archive)
IDF rabbinical course (archive)
Hezki Baruch

Two cases of coronavirus infection were discovered among cadets in the IDF rabbinical course Monday.

The decision was made to continue the course, but to do so in an emergency format similar to wartime under which the course will finish earlier than usual.

Last Shabbat, while cadets from the IDF rabbinical course were at their homes, two of them who were sleeping in the same room developed symptoms of the coronavirus. The two cadets were instructed to stay home and not return to base until after they were tested. The tests confirmed that they had contracted the coronavirus.

About 70 cadets in total have been ordered to enter isolation after coming into contact with the two patients. before their diagnosis.