Israel concerned by Palestinian Authority's lack of governance

Israel concerned over lack of security coordination with Palestinian Authority, lack of governance in areas under PA control.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ramallah (illustrative)
Ramallah (illustrative)
Zack Wajsgras, Flash 90

Israeli sources have expressed concern over signs of a lack of governance in the Palestinian Authority (PA), due to the lack of security coordination with Israel and the difficult economic situation caused by coronavirus, Kan News reported.

According to the sources, over the past weeks there has been a lack of governance by the PA security forces, especially in villages and "refugee camps."

The sources added that the situation stems from an inability on the part of the PA to move large numbers of armed forces within the area, due to a lack of security coordination with Israel.

Meanwhile, sources in the defense system said that PA security forces' motivation has dropped since the PA is no longer paying them full salaries, preferring not to take taxes transferred to it by Israel until Israel stops deducting terrorists' salaries from the amount transferred.

It was also reported that dozens of PA security personnel have applied for Israeli work permits, aiming for better salaries and less dangerous jobs.