Baby Avital Needs Your Help
"I love my Avital, I'll do anything for her. Let her live!"

Three month old baby born in Israel suffering from rare heart condition. Everyday she is in and out of surgeries, fighting for her life.

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Baby Avital
Baby Avital
צילום: Ashreinu

It was such an exciting moment for me as a mother! Welcoming my baby girl to this beautiful world!

She was a precious gem, a beacon of light in such troubling times! That all came crashing down when the doctors told us that our little Avital had a severe heart defect.

The news broke me like glass hitting the floor, shattering our joy and excitement into a million pieces.

Now three months later, we are still trying to pick up the pieces.

Every day we are back at the hospital looking after our little angel, making sure she is cared for all day, every day.

Her condition is very severe given that she is a baby and the procedures are very risky.

Coupled with the surgeries that we are preparing for, this has caused tremendous stress and breakdown in our family.

My other children have been feeling neglected and distraught not knowing what will be with their little sister.

My husband, my rock, my everything hasn’t been able to work in weeks. We are falling behind and falling apart.

We want our daughter to be happy and healthy. I can’t imagine a world without her shining face.

Please help us. Our family is breaking and so is Avital. Her poor little heart can’t take it.

We need all the help we can get to put us back on our feet and let us be there for our sweet baby angel.

No parent should ever have to go to sleep at night worrying if their baby is going to be alive in the morning.

You are truly making a difference in our lives today, and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you and so does Avital!

We are running this campaign to help cover the costs of Avital's surgeries and to help us get back on our feet. During these especially trying times this is taken a real toll on our entire family.

To make a donation please click here.