2020 Election:
Trump gains ground, but still trails Biden by wide margin

Latest polls show Trump cutting Biden's lead - yet still remaining a clear underdog. Biden leads by double digits in the Midwest.

David Rosenberg ,


President Donald Trump has cut into former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the 2020 presidential election, but still trails the presumptive Democratic nominee by a wide margin, according to several new polls released Sunday.

Just three months ago, Trump and Biden were in a dead heat, with the Fox News poll for April showing the two candidates at 42% each among registered voters nationwide.

After states began reopening public activities in the spring, however, support for the president collapsed, with voters losing faith in his ability to handle the coronavirus crisis.

According to a new poll released Sunday by ABC News/The Washington Post, Trump led Biden in three-and-a-half months ago among registered voters by two points, 45% to 43%, on the question of which candidate is more able to handle the crisis.

Now, however, Biden holds a twenty-point edge on that issue, with 54% of registered voters saying he is more able to handle the crisis than Trump, compared to 34% who say Trump is more capable of handling the crisis.

That’s caused support for Trump in the upcoming presidential election to fall dramatically – from a virtual tie in late March to a ten-point lead for Biden among likely voters, 54% to 44%.

Among registered voters, Biden leads Trump not only in the Northeast and West, but even in the Midwest, where he tops Trump by 17 points.

But a new Fox News poll released Sunday shows that despite still trailing Biden, Trump is cutting into the former Vice President’s lead.

Last month, Biden led Trump among registered voters by 12 points according to the poll, 50% to 38%.

Now, Biden’s lead has shrunk by one-third, to eight points, 49% to 41%.

Another recent poll, however, by YouGov shows the race stable with a nine-point lead for Biden, 49% to 40% - the same results as the two prior polls, conducted in early July and late June.

The Fox News poll also found Trump’s approval rating inching upwards, from 44% in June to 45% in July, while his disapproval rating fell from 55% to 54%.

Voters are now evenly divided on Trump’s odds of being reelected, down from February when a wide majority believed the president would win a second term.

Forty-five percent of registered voters say Trump will be reelected in November, compared to 45% who say he will not be. In February, 56% said he would be reelected, compared to 34% who said he would not be.