Arab rioters attack police in Jaffa

Hundreds of Arabs riot in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, hurling stones at police and setting dumpsters on fire to protest building plans.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police in Jaffa (archive)
Police in Jaffa (archive)

Hundreds of Arab rioters clashed with police Sunday evening in Jaffa, part of the greater municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in protest of plans to clear a Muslim cemetery for a construction plan to move forward.

Rioters hurled rocks at police officers and set dumpsters on fire, while officers responded by firing smoke and shock grenades into the crowd to disperse the rioters.

A police spokesperson said officers had closed several streets to traffic because of the ongoing riots.

The City of Tel Aviv has pushed forward with plans to build a shelter for local homeless people on a plot of land used ninety years ago as a Muslim cemetery.

The Tel Aviv District Court recently approved the municipality’s building plan, and ordered the local Islamic council, which had appealed to the court to block the move, to pay the city compensation.