Netanyahu: Disgrace to see PA flags at protest

Prime Minister criticizes left-wing protesters for waving Palestinian Authority flags outside his official residence.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

protest in Jerusalem
protest in Jerusalem
צילום: הודיה קלמן/TPS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu strongly criticized left-wing demonstrators who waved the flag of the Palestinian Authority during protests outside his official residence in Jerusalem last night.

"The Palestinian Authority flag at a left-wing demonstration organized by Ehud Barak - what a shame and disgrace," Netanyahu tweeted following the demonstration.

The 'Blag Flags' movement, which is behind the demonstrations against the prime minister, claimed that Netanyahu is inciting against protesters.

"You don't go the the grocery store or pay rent with spins. Netanyahu does not understand that. He does not know how to pay for things," the movement claimed.

"The inciter of Balfour st. is attempting once against to divide and subdue sectors of society in order to cover up his own failures. He views himself as a dictator," they added.

Ehud Barak also published a tweet slamming Netanyahu. "Netanyahu is delusional. Panicked and confused, he turns to incitement and Fake News. These are not Palestinians. It is the people of Israel who are taking to the streets because there is no bread, no money, and no democracy."