Netanyahu-supporters protest at court entrance: 'We came to protect our country'

Supporters of PM protest at district court ahead of hearing in Netanyahu trial. Netanyahu received exemption from today's hearing.

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Hezki Baruch ,

Shaul Elovich at entrance to district court
Shaul Elovich at entrance to district court
Hezki Baruch

The defendants' lawyers in the Netanyahu trial and some of the defendants arrived at the Jerusalem District Court this morning, Sunday, ahead of the opening of the second hearing in the trial.

The Prime Minister asked to be absent from the hearing and his request was granted, since this is a discussion that is mainly technical and is supposed to deal with setting the dates for the hearings.

Despite the prime minister's absence from the hearing, some of the prime minister's supporters protesting against his trial and the treatment he receives from the justice system came to the scene.

"We did not come to break the law, but there is a limit to every trick. I came to protect my country," said one of the protesters.

She said, "I came because there is selective enforcement here, we came to save our country. They will not shut our mouths. Tens of thousands came to Balfour without masks, beat police, beat journalists, beat everyone but they came to silence us, it can not happen."