PLO flag at a demonstration in Jerusalem

Protesters demonstrating against PM's conduct break through checkpoints and block roads. One of the protesters waved a PLO flag.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Head of Jerusalem Police
Head of Jerusalem Police
Photo: TPS

Clashes broke out in Jerusalem on Saturday night between police and protesters who came to demonstrate against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's conduct in the fight against the coronavirus.

Some of the demonstrators broke through police checkpoints, started to march and even reached the back of the Prime Minister's Residence.

The protesters blocked traffic in the area. Police officers at the scene dispersed the rioters using water hoses. Police arrested two rioters who tried to incite and agitate the other protesters.

The demonstrators in the vicinity of Paris Square tried to march in the direction of the city center and one of them was seen waving a PLO flag, apparently in order to cause a stir up. The flag was confiscated. Police forces at the scene prevented the procession from taking place.

"The Israel Police is allowing for the protest to continue now at Paris Square, but will not allow a violation of public order and disruption of routine life and public peace," the police said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people attended a protest in Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv and blocked Rothschild Boulevard in the city. Police were called to the scene. The commander of the police force told the demonstrators: "The demonstration is illegal, I am providing you with a reasonable timeframe to disperse. We will act with the necessary force, including arrests and protest dispersal means."