British official: 'Russian intelligence targeting attempts to find coronavirus vaccine'

Britain's Dominic Raab confirms: Russian intelligence have been targeting efforts to find a coronavirus vaccine. 'Important to call it out.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dominic Raab
Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab, Britain's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, confirmed in an interview with The Telegraph that Russia interfered in the 2019 elections, and that Russian intelligence agencies have been targeting attempts to find a vaccine for coronavirus.

Raab said that together with his US and Canadian counterparts, the UK has "released a statement indicating that we know that the Russian intelligence agencies have been targeting in terms of cyber attacks against efforts across those three countries and here in the UK our attempt to find a vaccine...for coronavirus."

He added that he's "not entirely sure" what Russia's motives are, but that the behavior "should be called out."

"I think it's important to call it out because we're not going to wait until there is harm," he said. "It's clearly wrong, contrary to international law, contrary to Russia's responsibilities as a member of the international community and a permanent member of the Security Council, to be targeting with cyber attacks the international efforts not just here in the UK but in Canada, in the US, to try to find a vaccine, which is for the greater good of the world as well as our people here at home.

"And I think that it's absolutely right that we call it out in this measured way with our international partners."