Seeking and speaking the truth in a world gone mad

True leadership: Responsible, prayerful, and selfless.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Netanyahu, Benny Gantz at cabinet meeting Sunday, June 7th
Netanyahu, Benny Gantz at cabinet meeting Sunday, June 7th

This week we conclude the book of Numbers with the reading of its last two Torah portions, Matot and Masei.

The two portions present a vivid portrait of the Generation about to enter the Promised Land.

They are instructed in the power of the spoken word in the form of vows and oaths that can render sanctity; they are shown unparalleled examples of the meaning of true leadership; they are commanded to battle against Midian; their journeys are summarized; the borders of the Land are delineated.

Fast forward to our day, as we witness the complete devaluation of the spoken word; the moral bankruptcy of leadership, the harassment and bullying of truth, the delegitimization of Israel, the crossroads facing the Generation of the Land that we read about this week is reflected in our own contemporary reality.

Tune in for a resounding message of Torah truth for Jews and non-Jews alike.