MDA volunteer taking coronavirus sample makes surprise delivery to isolated elderly man

An MDA volunteer who visited elderly man living alone to take coronavirus sample surprised him with a special delivery.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MDA volunteers preparing the special delivery
MDA volunteers preparing the special delivery
Magen David Adom

Shirel Daskal and Liel Shitrit, EMTs at MDA's 101 Emergency Call Center, received an unusual phone call last week (Wednesday). On the other side of the line was Morris (78) requesting a corona test, he then shared that he is in isolation without a family and that he is left with his last slices of bread.

At the end of the shift, Shirel Daskal could not remain indifferent and decided to help him. She contacted her sister Yonat - who works at the Corona hotline in the organization and the two decided that he must be helped in every way possible. The next morning, the Daskal sisters collected donations from MDA National Operation’s employees and volunteers to buy groceries. Next, they had another conversation with Morris and ask what he likes to eat and what he need, and made a large shopping list.

Yesterday, MDA sample taker Efi Levy arrived at Morris' house to sample for the corona virus, after which he handed the elderly man many cartons and supermarket bags full of food - donated by MDA's Corona hotline staff.

Morris used to get a food basket every week. Due to being in isolation, he was unable to go and pickup the food. After the conversation with the dispatch center, Shirel, immediately rallied everyone to help. The shopping list included frozen food, cans, basic products, hygiene products, drinks and more.

Regarding the unconventional conversation and the extraordinary gesture, Shirel said excitedly: "During the recent phone calls, which deal with home Corona tests, we came across an unusual conversation that caught me off guard. I could not remain indifferent to the case, and after the night shift - I promised myself I would do something. I could not sleep at night from the thoughts of him. Immediately in the morning we called him again, we found out the details and asked him what he likes to eat and what he lacks, to put together a shopping list especially for him. I contacted my sister Yonat, and we raised more than NIS 1,600 from our friends at dispatch center." When asked, Shirel and Yonat Daskal added: "It's an amazing feeling, we had great distress in our hearts until the moment the food arrived. It is a great feeling, knowing that his fridge is full of good food he likes and that he is not going to sleep hungry. We really want to meet him", which is unfortunately not possible due to him being in isolation.

The sample taker, an MDA senior EMT, Efi Levy, who came to Morris' house to sample the corona virus and give the food baskets, said of the meeting: "We did a very big act of kindness that is accompanied by medical help. Immediately after I took a sample from him I brought into the house the crates with the food we bought. It was very exciting to see his joy. It is an act with great satisfaction that made us feel good."

After receiving the groceries and being sampled for COVID Morris said happily: "Thank you thank you thank you for what you brought me. It will take me a year to finish all the food. I want to wish everyone life full good things only . Thank you all for all the people. I am now happy."