Proposal: 'Cost of living grant' every month

Dr. Yitzhak Sporta proposes to conduct experiment and give grant to entire population for about a year, but to consider it taxable income.

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Netanyahu (L) presents grant schedule
Netanyahu (L) presents grant schedule
Kobi Gideon/GPO

Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management's Dr. Yitzhak Sporta today responded in a conversation on 103FM to the grant announced yesterday by the Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Sporta first said it was interesting to see that Netanyahu, who is known for his economic conception of the free market and as the one who cut child benefits, is the one who is now "redistributing" money to all citizens.

Sporta later expressed support for the decision and proposed making the grant permanent, but in order to make it differential it must be included in the calculation of each citizen's salary and taxed, so that low-income earners will not pay tax on the grant and high-income earners will pay full tax on it.

"People like us, with a salary, won't receive the full amount, but the net amount left after taxes, so the State's expenditure will be significantly reduced," he said.