1,898 new coronavirus diagnoses in past day

Health Ministry announces new record in number of coronavirus diagnoses over past day - 1,898. 377 fatalities.

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Sheba Coronavirus ward
Sheba Coronavirus ward
Eitan Elhadez / TPS

Updated Health Ministry data Thursday morning indicates that in the last day 1,898 Israelis have been infected with the virus and the average daily growth rate is 4%.

The condition of 204 hospitalized patients is defined serious and the number of deaths from the virus stands at 377.

A team of researchers from Hebrew University which is monitoring the spread and treatment of the coronavirus in Israel, last night estimated that severe restrictions will have to be implemented as early as next week in order to stop the spread of the virus.

"At the current rate, at the beginning of next week we will reach a total of 400 patients in moderate to serious condition. By the end of the month that number will grow to 800 patients, which will mark the beginning of the process of the deterioration of the capacity of hospitals to care for [new patients] and lead to increased mortality rates. We estimate that if the number of patients in moderate to serious condition rises to 1,600 there will be a serious crisis in the hospitals," the researchers warned.

"In order to prevent the number of patients in moderate to serious condition from rising to 800, severe restrictions must be implemented early next week," they added.

The researchers recommended that the government take steps immediately to prepare the public for the implementation of these restrictions, including maximizing Israelis' ability to work from home and further reducing crowds in enclosed spaces.

They also called for immediate improvement to the government's ability to cut off the chain of infection in order to both stop the current outbreak and prevent future outbreaks of the disease.