What does the future hold for Jews around the world?

Shmuel Rosner talks about the development of Judaism unique to Israel in the 21st century and how it affects Diaspora Jews.

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Shmuel Rosner
Shmuel Rosner
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Shmuel Rosner is a well known Tel Aviv-based columnist, editor, author and researcher.

He and Eve Harow discuss a wide range of topics including aliya, annexation, the instability of the Middle East, COVID-19, Brazilian cruise ships and freedom of the press.

His (co-authored with researcher Camil Fuchs) book "#IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution" is a fascinating study of the development of a Judaism unique to 21st century Israel.

How does he see Diaspora Judaism in relation to this old/new national civilization that has been created in our ancient land?