Health Minister: We are dealing with a very dangerous virus

Yuli Edelstein warns Knesset decision to open gyms and pools could lead to stricter closure if situation worsens.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Health Minister Edelstein delivers press briefing
Health Minister Edelstein delivers press briefing
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Health Minister Yuli Edelstein was interviewed Tuesday on Galai Tzahal about the efforts to combat the coronavirus and reduce the number of infections.

Edelstein stated that he is optimistic because the public is becoming more attentive to the guidelines and restrictions and that he hopes there will be no further increases in the daily number of citizens diagnosed with the coronavirus.

However, he expressed concern over the decision of the Knesset Coronavirus Committee to allow gyms and swimming pools to reopen. "I wonder if people understand that this struggle is not for the liberation of the economic industries, but for a general closure [if the situation worsens because of the committee's decision]."

"MKs have the full right to change things through legislation, even things proposed by the government, and to supervise the government. . At no point did I say that we are immune to mistakes, but we need to understand that we are either in a war, a full-scale war against a very dangerous virus that changes its behavior all the time - or we are sitting on our hands," Edelstein said.

Earlier, Defense Minister Benny Gantz held a ZOOM meeting with the Home Front Command officials in charge of the 'coronavirus hotels.' During the meeting, Gantz was updated on the situation in the hotels and the complexities of operating them for coronavirus patients.

The defense minister stated that Israel should be prepared to keep the coronavirus hotels open through the end of 2021